Lively Pori

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    • Publisher: Kirjakaari
    • Author: Elina Wallin, Porin kameraseura ry
    • Number of pages: 96 pages
    • Size: 245 x 210 mm
    • Category: Hardbacked piece
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 978-952-5969-67-2
    • Price: 39,00 €


One person loves the city’s scattered nature; another cringes at the wretched wind.
One enjoys the city’s broad cultural life; another goes for sports.
Just like in life, attractiveness depends on who is looking.

In this book, the photography enthusiasts of Porin Kameraseura have viewed the city through their observant lenses, offering the reader their unique perspectives on Pori.

Amidst the vivid images, Elina Wallin, a Pori dweller herself, has given us her insight into fragments of the city’s history and present day. This book paints a kaleidoscope of a lively city with many faces. Welcome to Pori!

Available also in finnish Elämänmakuinen Pori.

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