Helsinki Impressions (in Chinese)

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    • Publisher: Kirjakaari
    • Author: Merja Hemmilä ja Esko Jämsä
    • Number of pages: 96 pages
    • Size: 150 x 150 mm
    • Category: Hardbacked piece
    • Language: Chinese
    • ISBN: 978-952-5969-05-4
    • Price: 19,90 €


Helsinki, Daughter of the Baltic Sea, is an exceptional city in many ways. It is a modern metropolis with all the characteristics of a big city—thriving business and culture, and an international atmosphere—while maintaining a peaceful and close to nature small-town spirit.

The visitor getting acquainted with Helsinki will feel the presence of four recurring themes which all contribute to the city’s identity: an eventful and sometimes dramatic history; beautiful architecture that reflects Finnish culture and mentality; lush greenery; and the Baltic Sea.

With exquisite photographs and descriptive texts, Helsinki Impressions introduces the historical and modern city of Helsinki, one of the world’s most significant Art Nouveau centres and modern design capitals. It leads the reader to the very heart of Helsinki and to the stories behind its sights.

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